Selection Process

How it works

Best Legal Counsel selects lawyers utilizing our proprietary multiphase selection process. Our independent research may be combined with peer nominations/evaluations. Each candidate is evaluated on various attributes denoting level(s) of professional achievement. Selections are made on an annual basis. The objective is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse membership.


Individuals may enter the candidate pool in a number of different manners.

• Identification by Best Legal Counsel research.
• Survey of managing partner(s).
• Peer evaluation/nomination.

Self-nomination is not permitted. Candidates must enter the pool via one of the means above; and in accepting a nomination, are required to enter a code issued by Best Legal Counsel. We also track where external nominations come from. In this manner, we may block nominations by firms/attorneys who may be attempting to “campaign” for their team members.


Things that may be considered, but are not limited to, in evaluating a candidate:

  • Educational background.
  • Employment history and years of experience.
  • Representative clients.
  • Transactions.
  • Special licenses, certifications and/or designations.

  • Honors/awards received.
  • Scholarly writings and/or speeches.
  • Position within firm.
  • Level of Bar and other professional activity.
  • Pro bono and other community service.
  • Public media.

Third Party Commentary

Best Legal Counsel may also include other industry memberships and/or peer evaluation(s) in our
candidate review.We reserve the right to follow-up directly with a candidate on items needing clarification.

Selection and Notification

Candidates may be notified by either snail mail, email or telephone. In doing so, each is required to affirm that they have never been the subject of disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

Choice of Item(s) to Commemorate Membership

Items such as plaques, trophies, paintings, composite busts are available to choose from and display membership in Best Legal Counsel.