Who is entitled to nominate or peer review?

To be eligible, an attorney must be licensed and practicing. We send attorneys licensed for five or more years an e-mail invitation to nominate. You may comment on and evaluate lawyers whose work is known to you personally. Your comments ensure that the attorney(s) is queued for further evaluation.


Will you tell me if I have been reviewed by and peer and whom?

No. We maintain strict confidentiality in order to receive unbiased information that we may independently investigate.


Does advertising improve the chances of becoming recognized as Best Legal Counsel?

No. Unlike others in the industry, we do not sell advertising space that prioritizes site placement based upon payment.  We do, however, work with some attorneys to improve their placement upon Google and other search engines based upon both SEO and PPC advertising.


Are non-private practice lawyers eligible for inclusion in Super Lawyers?



Is Best Legal Counsel an annual listing?

Yes, being listed one year does not guarantee that you will be published the following year.


Can an attorney selected to the Best Legal Counsel list be called “Best Legal Counsel” in their field?

A lawyer on our list is not a “Best Legal Counsel.  Instead, “he or she has been named to “The Best Legal Counsel List for the year designated.” When used properly, the term is not descriptive or comparative, which in some jurisdictions could raise ethical concerns. Instead, it’s a fact-based statement, and as such, is protected speech.  We are not a rating service.


I’ve been selected to the Best Legal Counsel list. Do you have a press release template I can use to announce my selection?

Yes. Please visit our Site Map to locate and download if you did not receive by email.


How can I change my information displayed on BestLegalCounsel.com?

Write to us at:
Best Legal Counsel
175 S. Main St., Ste. 500
Salt Lake City, UT  84111


Do you provide graphics?

Yes, you will receive a vector logo.  During your annual membership term, you may freely use the logo on your letterhead, law firm pamphlets, and mailing materials as well as print media and other forms of advertising. Members may also use the logo and other trademarked materials on their website.


A returns/refunds available on the products provided?

Different items have different circumstances surrounding their ability to be returned, or a purchase of them refunded.

Busts may be amended once during their creation, but do not otherwise qualify for return/refund.  This is why it is necessary to be in communication with the artist during your bust’s creation

With regard to portraits, if we have not started working on your order, then we will process a 100% refund for you. However, if our artists have already started working on your order, then the order does not qualify for a refund. Where possible we will work up a partial refund for you. However, please note that a minimum 50% cancellation fee would be applicable. The refund processing period is 10-12 days.

As it relates to plaques and crystal items, please inspect your recognition piece thoroughly upon receipt.  If you find the item to be defective within the first 15 days after receipt, please contact us at Admin@BestLegalCounsel.com

Any returns will need to be in the original packing material and carton for the protection of the product.  (Most manufacturer warranties are void if not returned in the original box.)

All items must be approved and authorized for return/refund.